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About Me

Laiyee Fernandez, B. App. Soc. Sc. (Counselling), Dip. Counselling, is a fully qualified Psychotherapist, with qualifications from the Australian College of Applied Psychology.

Laiyee has been studying and practising Meditation, Mindfulness and Qigong since 1980. She is trained in Mindful Self-Compassion as taught by Kristin Neff PH.D, and has studied meditation with Sogyal Rinpoche (Rigpa), Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche (Dzogchen Community), Lama Choedak Rinpoche (SIBA), James Baraz (Spirit Rock, USA), S.N. Goenka (Vipassana), Dr. Daniel Brown PH.D (Beyond Mindfulness), H.H. the Dalai Lama, and Hypnotherapy and Past life regression with Dr. Brian Weiss. She studied Qigong and Tai-chi with Dr. Tennyson Yiu, teacher of actor Jack Thompson and Great Grandmaster Chu (USA).


Laiyee is passionate about Mindfulness, Psychotherapy and Qigong. The most powerful instrument we have is our mind. With Mindfulness, we train and gain control of our mind, to cultivate wisdom, compassion and presence. With Psychotherapy we gain awareness of our habitual patterns (the why and how of who we are) gaining understanding and true mastery of life. With Qigong, we integrate our mind and body to create strength, perfect harmony, balance and peace.

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“I feel like a great weight has been lifted off my shoulders.”

Julia, NSW

“Many times I am feeling so down and low and your words are like an answer to my prayers.”

Dot, NSW

“Your caring nature mixed with sincerity, knowledge, empathy and guidance was life changing for me! You truly helped to guide me through the roughest point in my life! Thank you!

Lori, USA

“I began working with Laiyee to address grief due to loss of a relationship, depression and confusion about what to do next. I was trying to re-establish a certain level of peace and inner balance, and was trying to understand and clarify my next steps, my direction, in terms of both my private and professional life. I wanted relief from the anxiety I was experiencing at the time, clarity about the areas of my life that I had to focus on, and to work on unhelpful thinking and behavioural patterns that needed to let go of. Through our work, I gained a sense of hope and trust that things would eventually work out and that there was light at the end of the tunnel. I was really understood, not judged and really heard. I really felt that Laiyee was getting, how difficult my circumstances were, and that she was able and unafraid to join me in my darkest moments. I am really grateful for the work we did together and for the energy and loving dedication that Laiyee put into each of our sessions. Laiyee’s positive outlook on life, her calm and soothing energy will certainly have a positive impact on any client. I highly recommend her sessions to anyone struggling with both short-term challenges and old issues originated in childhood. Anyone working with Laiyee can be assured that he/she will be given full empathic attention and understanding, respect, confidentiality and compassion. Laiyee will recognise your untapped potential and help you to express it and use it to achieve your goals. Her positive and calm approach to life is likely to give anyone new hope and a sense that anything is achievable, when carefully planned.” Paula, Sydney, Australia

“I met Laiyee when life was low. I was struggling to understand that the path I was about to embark upon, was the right one for me.

I asked Laiyee to help me change the way I dealt with challenges, as I could see myself spiralling into a place I did not want to be. Laiyee not only offered advice and tools to combat problems in a different light, but she did so in a way that I thought I had come up with these ideas.

I was excited to see Laiyee, excited to announce my triumphs and excited to tackle the next problem.

I cannot thank Laiyee enough for our time together. I was once a lost girl floating through life, but now I feel strong and determined to commence my path, and I now have the tools in place to be able to cope if life doesn’t go to plan.”

Annie, NSW, Australia

“My challenges when I first came to see Laiyee, were a loss of identity and self worth. I felt entrapped in a relationship and living in someone’s house. I had low vitality. I was trying to find out why I was negative and unwell. I was trying to find the strength to leave my partner. I started to believe in myself again & found my energies improved. Laiyee was very supportive and affirming. Our sessions meant I was heard and understood and I was given an understanding of why my negative behaviour was happening, and this was very helpful.” Sandra, NSW, Australia

“My work with Laiyee taught me patience, a view from a different perspective and how to be loving, in a challenging situation. I also learnt to practice letting go of angst, and to move into trust. The best thing for me was having a safe place to talk and work through what was happening. I felt very supported by Laiyee. Laiyee has great compassion and care for each individual. Her work creates a safe and supported place to be yourself.” Lisa, USA



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